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  1. Philip

    General The "Big 6" will catch up... maybe in 4-5 years

    ... Everyone is really-really far behind the eight-ball.
  2. Philip

    Stark Varg in the May 2022 issue of MXA

    Just as my 3-year Motocross Action subscription was about to expire with almost no chance of renewal from me, they posted this teaser! Still, not much of info here, but at least some recognition from old-school mainstream paper press. That's good.
  3. Philip

    Riding long ruts

    Why don't these oval road racers just learn to ride the berm/rut like all motocross racers do??? Sit on the tank, weight on the outside peg, left leg stretched far forward!
  4. Philip


    Power steering on a motocross bike! Wow! I love the Yhamaha's constant engineering innovation. Apparently Honda is also testing an electronic steering damper on their factory bikes. I am not...
  5. Philip

    Sebastian Tortelli on the Stark Varg

  6. Philip

    General Lots of recent changes to the Forum

    Greetings, Electric Dirt Riders! Recently, we have been working on updating the Forum. The biggest change is the new name - Electric Dirt Riders. The old Alta Owners Forum name is deeply embedded in all the forum's structure, so it will take a while to make all the necessary changes. We will...
  7. Philip

    OX Brake is our official Forum's Sponsor!

    Greetings and salutations, Electric Dirt Riders! I am proud to announce OX Brake as our official Forum's Sponsor! Jason @TheLHRBguy is the owner of OX Brake. He is a self-described "recovering lawyer", a dirt bike nut, and a huge fan of the LHRB technology. He is excited about the application...
  8. Philip

    Stark Varg foot or hand brake?

    What is the best rear brake option to choose? Has anyone noticed the Fasst Company return spring? 😀
  9. Philip

    Stark Varg side stand option

    It is interesting that the side stand option has to be decided upon in the ordering process. I think it would be integrated into the frame, so this is why it needs to be decided upon when buying the bike. The foot peg mounts are aluminum. I am not sure I like this for durability and...
  10. Philip

    Steve Matthes' podcast with Eric Peronnard

    Steve Matthes' podcast with Eric Peronnard, a consultant on the Stark Future project, who had also worked with Alta Motors
  11. Philip

    Interview with Stark Future Electric Bike Founder Anton Wass

    Anton Wass interview - Stark Future Posted on December 14, 2021 on When the press release dropped this morning that a new bike was being introduced to the market, well, I for one was surprised. For starters, I had never heard of Stark before and the fact this project has seemingly...
  12. Philip

    Introducing Stark Future and Their Electric Motorcycle: The VARG

    Introducing Stark Future and Their Electric Motorcycle: The VARG We all know we're on the verge of an electric motorcycle revolution, and as such you can expect news on new bikes to come in hot and heavy over the next few years. That will probably include both familiar manufacturers and new...
  13. Philip

    For Sale Brand new MXR at MSRP (not mine)
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