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    My MXR to EXR conversion / lighting install

    I no longer have the stock setup on the exr. I don’t remember having to do anything special with the horn. Maybe because your not using the stock light mounting hardware that bolts to triple clamps? Here are pictures of my current setup with Baja designs light and a Ktm front fender.
  2. J

    My MXR to EXR conversion / lighting install

    Yes m7x15mm was the bolt I used
  3. J

    Media Review Media Week in Spain - Electric Cycle Rider

    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see @TCMB371 in the videos.
  4. J

    Sold 2018 MXR $7,900

  5. J

    Sold 2018 MXR with 21 hours, 310 miles $9500 (price reduced)

    Try this place. They shipped my bike before and was precovid so it’s probably gone up some but it was $650
  6. J

    Knee braces - which one?

    I have mobius braces. Before that was pod and before that was Asterisk Custom are probably the best you could ever get however the mobius braces stay in place best for my skinny legs.
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    Newbie need advice on a generator

    I have the Briggs linked above. And a little Honda eu2000. If you don’t ride much a Honda 2000/2200 will be fine. It charges 1/4 battery in about 1-1.5 hours. Which was enough when we went to places where we didn’t ride too much and long breaks between rides. The 220v generators will do 1/4...
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    Reservations & Delivery/Due Dates

    I’ll take my random guess at order numbers. First digit is lot or batch number, then rest are order numbers starting at 1000 because they like the way it looked haha. Like how you can get a check book starting at any random umber you want because people don’t like check number 0001. 🤷‍♂️ :unsure:
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    Rear Threaded Axle Block

    I thought it is the standard Ktm axle and the crf one will work too?
  10. J

    New Forum Name

    I just noticed that the forum now redirects to the new name. And some of the forum icons changed to now have Alta and stark. 👍
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    New ALTA Alternative -Stark VARG - From Europe

    Saw this and made me think about the varg (wolf)
  12. J

    STARK VARG (Something new is coming!)

    Was that an Alta at 3:55? On my phone it looked like one.
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    New ALTA Alternative -Stark VARG - From Europe

    Seems reasonably priced at $11,900 Anyone place a deposit yet? What do you think delivered price will be from Europe?
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    For Sale 2018 MXR for sale - needs repair

    How did you get the multi tool to show graph if the bike shuts down in 10 seconds? Can you post the picture of the battery graph?
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    New Forum Name

    Works for me on mobile. Just having issues when logging in again. “Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site.” But no prompt to accept cookies. On an iPhone. what does @Trialsman win?!?!
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    Lost Title. (Update)

    Sounds like they gave you the MSO/certificate of origin and the bike was never titled with a dmv.
  17. J

    Front Fender Slap

    Most company’s can make Alta graphics but don’t say they do on the websites. Shoot them an email and ask if they still do.
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    Lost Title. (Update)

    I got a title without one once. I had to buy special insurance and show that to dmv that of the bike came back stolen in the next 12 months the insurance would pay out.
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