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    Sold 2019 MXR in San Diego, California

    2019 Alta MXR vin 538, no codes or issues, rapid charger Two reasons I'm selling it. I don’t ride it that often and prices are high right now. As shown in picture 2019 mxr (vin 538) with 403 miles and 23.7 hours, Asking $13.5k. I will include parts to put it back to stock included in price for...
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    license plate for mxr in ca

    I finally finished registration for the mxr, I put an exr light kit on amd received a ca license plate for it. I bought a exr emissions sticker for it and the exr light kit. The vin verification person looked for the emissions sticker. dmv registered it as EN as body type (endro) fingers...
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    Sold 1993 ford Minnie Winnie 28’ motorhome rv

    I just updated to a newer motorhome and selling our old one. Trade for an Alta EXR/MXR???? Asking $9999 on Craigslist but selling on here for $8500 1993 ford v8 460 motor with 57k miles 28 foot rv with rear Queen bedroom. No pop or slide outs Bathroom is split with separate shower. In the...
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    3D print shroud guards to fill in the ribs

    I was thinking one of you Guys with 3D printers should try and make clip on parts for the ribs on the shrouds. The new part would cover the ribs to make the shroud smooth. Thoughts?
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    Stacyc, Kids electric bike

    We just bought a couple of Stacyc bikes for our kids, 2 and 4. They are an awesome bike for young kids to transition from a bicycle/balance bike to a moto bike. STACYC Stability Cycle We first got an oset for our oldest but it was too much for her to learn throttle control. The Stacyc 16e is...
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    Sold 2018 MXR

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    Motocross Helmet cam videos

    Pala fox raceway March 8 2020 Finally felt really good on the Alta today...after like 15 hours of riding time on the bike and the track was good today also.
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    Stock wheel spacers front

    Anyone have a spare set of spacers for the front, that you want to sell or know where I can get another set for my mxr? thanks
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    Withdrawn Gone

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    Gone .

    I was searching Craigslist and found these bikes. $8k EXR ALTA RED SHIFT ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE LIGHTNING FAST $9999 for MXR "Virtually brand new has one ride on it 39.2 miles complete with charger tire still have sharp edges on them" 2018 Alta mxr
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    Cone valve wp forks on an Alta

    Cone Valve suspension should bolt right on? What about rear? Is there a type, size or year that fits best? 16+, 48 vs 52mm, small axel or large? I think @TCMB371 has a set. I have a 2018 mxr and wanted to swap out the AER for a set of used cone valve forks. I am coming off a 2018 crf450r and I...
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