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  1. Flynryan

    Newbie need advice on a generator

    When I bought my Alta it came with both the slow and fast charger. I used a Yamaha 3000 invertor with the slow charger until getting a Honda EG4000 for the fast charger, which I thought would make it possible to get a full day of riding while charging in between sessions. Not the case.. the...
  2. Flynryan

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Sweet ride! Ive got VIN 250 with no major issues so far. Had it since it was new in 2018.
  3. Flynryan

    My Output Shaft Snapped.

    How many hours on the bike? Ive snugged up the chain a little too tight before and could feel it in the suspension. Wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar
  4. Flynryan

    Display got run over Perris flat track

    I'd like to get the display protector for mine. Is it hard to install? Just did the brake support last week.
  5. Flynryan

    Loading and Unloading your 150lbs Generator

    This works well! Found it on sale for $150 - Ironton Hydraulic Table Cart 500-Lb. Capacity, 28 5/8in. Lift | Northern Tool + Equipment
  6. Flynryan

    Alta MXR vs YZ450

    Video from the Club MX sand track during their annual open house event, which I highly recommend for the east coasters of the group. Most of the time I'm a little faster on the 450, but the Alta did great on the sand track! If you have ever seen the sand track at Club or watched videos, you...
  7. Flynryan


    Tried to get a few extra parts from my dealer in NC (Sport Durst Powersports) but they told me they couldn't help. Good luck to everyone out there!
  8. Flynryan

    Best Alta Generator

    Started off with a Yamaha 3000 inverter, but the charge was slow even with the rapid charger. Switched to the Honda 4000 and it's a lot better. The issue with the Honda is the noise! It's loud compared to the inverter. Bummer that you have to purchase the Yamaha 6300 or Honda 7000 if you...
  9. Flynryan

    First AMA race on the MXR

    Mark911 makes some good points here. I have found the limiter on a few occasions, mainly on sand tracks. For the race, I rode the bike in one practice and two motos. It had plenty of time to cool down. I was charging with a Yamaha 3000 @ 120 volts. During the motos I made it about 5 hard...
  10. Flynryan

    First AMA race on the MXR

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum here, but I've been lurking around and figured I might as well join. A few weekends ago, I raced my Alta MXR at an AMA sanctioned D13/D29 motocross race in Elizabeth City, NC. I went 1-1 for 1st overall in the +25 A class. There are no other Altas in the...
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