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    Lost keys

    Most Locksmith places here in the UK will cut you a new key if you take the barrel into them. Would have thought the same for the U.S.
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    For Sale SOLD! 2018 Alta Redshift SM (supermoto)

    Looking at the charger Adam was trying to buy, it's not a on board charger. Good luck with your sale.
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    Lizcat - Swiss company offer full YZF KXF RMZ & CRF Plug & play conversions

    No go at the moment... But this looked good!.
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    For Sale or Trade WP XACT AER 48 Forks

    Please post pictures of the actual items your selling also with a copy of your receipt from the service. Thank you.
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    Wheels(18 inch rear) what do I need?

    Any KTM / Husky 18 will bolt right in brother with their spacers too. Unbolt the Alta and bolt in the other., adjust chain and go ride. Done.
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    ...Only Bryan I know of.
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    ALTA Ignition Key Blanks

    @Rashid510 Maybe?.
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    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!

    Let me be the first (on this thread) to congratulate you Bryan!, I can't imagine how you feel, all the excitement and time waited... now you can just enjoy it all!. All the best from the U.K. mate!. Danny #76.
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    Alta Test Track Build (In progress)

    Thanks very much for the Thumbs up guys!. I have been back and forth, on and off and have got on well.... I need to introduce a new (well, sort of) machine to the track building fleet, my old Cat 428B. I bought back (March) one of my Cat 428B's i used to own 5 years ago!, I kept in touch...
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    JW884 Video Thread

    Just posting up on behalf of Jason - two more vids - got to help his channel out and keep the Alta content coming!. Hope that's ok Mate!. Enjoy a few laps.
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    Code 35 and 36

    Hi Ken. I am very sorry to hear this, and as you say being the other side of the world makes life harder to own a Alta. All i can say, is what you have already said, get Multitool and get it hooked up. At least then you will also have some visual evidence to work from mate. I will draft in...
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    Alta Test Track Build (In progress)

    It's that time again!..... So 2023 huh, wow....that clock never stops ticking.... First look at it all, and i am so thankful i went down and loaded A LOT of strong weed killer on all the jumps at the start of the year (January), really shows that the stuff works!, i did not do the berms...
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    The Talaria is a fun bike, and they are great for the type of bike it is!. (Not thread hi-jacking!)
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    A pack DC-DC section dead after left charging.

    @JP racing I would be asking @Rashid510 or @Mark911 They both have extensive knowledge in their own fields on the Alta's. Is this for your MX that you mentioned in your Ox break post that's dead atm?.
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    What might have been

    I still want these shrouds!.
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    Rear Brake Master Cylinder Worn Through - Custom Guard

    Sent you a Msg Jason. (y) Just out of curiosity, what hours/miles has it done now?, & what was on it when you bought it?.
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    How-To : Install and Use Alta Multitool Software This site has multiple options for worldwide sales - if they stock it still i guess :
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    Alta Cam

    Please tell us all more on how this all happened?, would be nice to hear...
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    Proud of you mate!. Very well done, the Alta and you!.
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    Broken wire bonds

    Glad to see someone making Alta great again!. Well done. What's the miles and hours she has done?.
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