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  1. MadpdXabbott

    Is 80 HP Bullsh*t ?

    Dyno done over a year ago , at the rear wheel. Doesn't change my statement "your ability to use 80hp is the Bullsh*t."
  2. MadpdXabbott

    Is 80 HP Bullsh*t ?

    the Stark Varg is real , your ability to use 80hp is the Bullsh*t.
  3. MadpdXabbott

    Varg - Gear Oil Change

    found my Oil white and milky again, wish I knew where this water was getting in. Long hose, rode in the Rain for 2-3 hours Sunday.
  4. MadpdXabbott

    New bike help needed

    I agree, I see the error in my way. That's why the 120 is slow. but the Max for the charger is 420V and our battery pulls around 330v at a 10amp Max output, and 16amp input. Charger
  5. MadpdXabbott

    New bike help needed

    I agree make your own power adapter super easy. I like the model below from Amazon, its UL listed Journeyman-Pro 2713 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, NEMA L14-30R, 3P, 4W, Locking Plug Connector, $15.97 Tripp Lite Heavy Duty Computer Power Cord, 15A, 14AWG (NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13), 3-ft. $8.52 3 amps...
  6. MadpdXabbott

    Is there any reason I can run 10-40w oil in the varg?

    page 32, "SAE 75w-90 gear oil." The GL5 info was from Forum member in contact with Stark support, as I remember it.. 07.019.06 CHANGE GEAR OIL PDF, Under Tutorial & Technical says, "Synthetic gear oil 75W-90"
  7. MadpdXabbott

    Unbreakable brake levers - which ones fit? ARC levers part number AC-BR-122CT, and AC-CL-350.
  8. MadpdXabbott

    Stark Varg charger housing kit

    Nice work , great job making a holder for the Stark end of the charger. I don't want that dragging around or getting caught while moving.
  9. MadpdXabbott

    New bike help needed

    I had that problem, with the phone not charging on the Doc, it was my fault ! I didn't understand the wireless charging only works if the phone is installed with the Power buttons up/forward. sounds like and easy fix. Hope that helps
  10. MadpdXabbott

    New bike help needed

    Lucky, Wish my bike was never touched by "dealers"
  11. MadpdXabbott

    New bike help needed

    Moron dealers, cant use email and a phone typical
  12. MadpdXabbott

    Varg - Gear Oil Change

    Sorry Mate, US shipping just went down by 50% from $30-$15, hard to beat the prices and shipping in the US, I tried. Thank you for the good info on the Washers.
  13. MadpdXabbott

    Varg - Gear Oil Change

    Mobil 1 currently , and going to try just to be stupid going to mix in 10ml of Red Line 58404 Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil , that will make a magic potion.
  14. MadpdXabbott


    My though is look what they did or might do to the Drone Pilots that followed the rules and Registered , just change the law and shut them down. now there sitting on 2-5k of drones they cant fly and are tracked. by GPS tags. My Stark Varg is the least of my concern. We all need better digital...
  15. MadpdXabbott

    Varg - Gear Oil Change

    My first oil change was clear 4.5hours, second was contaminated with water. grey/ milky no excess aluminum some Iron on the magnet. at 14 hours. I hand wash my bike with nothing more than a brush and a garden hose. Plan going forward is to check the oil by the fill plug, and change as needed.
  16. MadpdXabbott

    Varg - Gear Oil Change

    IP= For hundreds of years, intellectual property has been the driving force of progress in technology, art, and, culture. This is true around the world. It’s part of our shared human experience, no matter where we come from. Which is why the intellectual property offices of the world – including...
  17. MadpdXabbott

    Please shout up any issues

    New Issue, display does not show 2 digit for Power %. Easy fix from Settings / Display change back to Default Font size.
  18. MadpdXabbott

    Power station? Eco Flow or Anker SOLIX F3800

    My Anker Solix F3800 works great with the 240 plug, charges fast. I don't have the expansion battery. I pulled 3350 watts after, I re-terminated the bad wiring on the Charger Plug see Forum post. Check your charger plug It is stupid heavy and I'm lucky it has wheels. quiet is nice. That is a...
  19. MadpdXabbott

    Varg broken out of the box Red light constant

    sorry about the go slow easy stuff, I thought your problems were over and just needed and update. I feel your frustration I waited 2 years also.
  20. MadpdXabbott

    Maximum Scramble Range

    I"m hoping to get 35 miles in tight woods Beginner Enduro.
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