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    Varg suspension

    I took off my suspension from my 2020 KTM 450 that the Stark replaced, Lainer Shock and my forks. Had to have the bottom Triple Clamp enlarged. Bike was amazing but not perfect. On the shock I just took out Rebound and it was amazing. On the forks, I played with Oil and clickers but same...
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    3 issues with my Stark Varg in 1 week.

    I was hit with that same battery problem. My bike was blinking for an update for over a month, Decided to do the update since I wasn't going to ride for the next month. Update went well, I rode the bike around and all seemed ok. I drove 4 hours to California to ride at Glenn Helen, got on the...
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    New Lainer Pro Shock for the Stark Actually I paid AOC REP Suspension $3800 for my WP Trax shock for my KTM, This is almost half price and has the Kashima and DLC coating along with custom valving...
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    New Lainer Pro Shock for the Stark

    Just announced, Lainer just released the New Impact 18 shock. I was lucky enough to try the prototype, and everyone I let ride my bike all said it was the best suspension they ever rode on.
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    RaceTorx dual rear brake kit

    Takes hours to bleed but it eventually works.
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    SM conversion for the Kart track....

    The front brake didn't fade? You need a Supermoto brake. I tried that on my 450SXF and it faded after a lap or two.
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    Varg Silent Passing Issues

    I said that in the post, I guess it's hard to read because the text is small.
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    Varg Silent Passing Issues

    Too bad this was posted on April 1st.
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    Varg suspension

    I would start with Rebound adjustments. May need to turn in some.
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    Foot peg compatibility with other brands

    Not liking the Ktm Pegs on the stark, I feel unbalanced since the stark pegs are almost an inch more forward than the Raptors. I did modify them to site at the same 6 degree angle as the stark. Guess I'll wait till they actually start making some for the stark.
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    SwapMoto Tests the Stark at Cahuilla with a Plus size Rider

    He's just a little guy! Was funny when they said he was 300lbs and he got mad. :D
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    New Graphics Suspension and Wheels on My Varg

    ASV C6 Series Levers for 2018+ KTM but I have a KTM Brembo MC for the LHRB not the Stark, have no Idea what lever they use. I have the Duel Rear Foot and Hand Brake from RaceTorx but had a custom cable made for the stark. Yes glue on throttle from Renthal and ODI Clamp-on on the Left. wish...
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    Power station? Eco Flow or Anker SOLIX F3800

    FYI for anyone else that has this problem with the Anker. We had to make an adapter. For some reason the ground on the Anker was on the bottom, so just made a L14-30 adapter to move ground to the keyed pin and worked no problem.
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    Power station? Eco Flow or Anker SOLIX F3800

    My friend just got his 3800 and when plugged in the L14-30 port the stark power converter just clicks. Did you get yours yet? Does it charge? I'm thinking the wiring is not correct for the stark and will need another adapter.
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    Varg suspension

    I usually just take the forks off, open the tops and pour. I fill a syringe with 20ml of water and put it a clear cup, draw a line for the 20 ml. remove and pour the oil in the cup. Make sure you clean off the oil from the forks after you put the caps back on, they will slide in the triple clamps.
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    Varg suspension

    I took 20 ml of fork oil out of each leg. Helped a lot.
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    XTRIG PHDS on Varg

    PHDS for the KTM or Yamaha?
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    New Graphics Suspension and Wheels on My Varg

    Dunlop Mx53 Front, rear Mx34 and a MX14 on the other rim.
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    New Graphics Suspension and Wheels on My Varg

    Just the Gutts seat cover.
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    New Graphics Suspension and Wheels on My Varg

    Pre Production Lainer A-kit Shock and Forks. Probable the best suspension I have ever ridden on. A60 wheels from DubYa and graphics from Mx Graphics in Chrome, the pics don't do it justice, looks so awesome in the sunlight. Did the duel rear brake kit, in some ways it was good, but when you...
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