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  1. TCMB371

    Battery price

    I'd buy a spare battery if it were a bit easier to change it. With 2 guys working on a clean bike it's not that difficult. By myself with a dirty bike after a moto, not so much. I'd rather have a second bike.
  2. TCMB371

    Varg production numbers / VIN

    21 :ricky: (aka #1)
  3. TCMB371

    Varg spring rates ?

    I spec'd my bike with the 85-90kg setup, which has 5.0N fork springs (0.51kg/mm) and 58N shock spring (5.9kg/mm). Initially the forks felt great but after break-in they softened up quite a bit and now the bike is a bit on the soft side for my preference, riding pure motocross. Not surprised that...
  4. TCMB371

    Varg Red Tube

    They are available for purchase on Stark's website. SMX1-FW-IT-21T - Power Tube 21" SMX1-RW-IT-19T - Power Tube 19" SMX1-RW-IT-18T - Power Tube 18"
  5. TCMB371

    Uh Oh!!!!! Stark guys keep an eye on your pivot mount.

    I will say that my bike makes that sound, but i describe it more like a creek than a clank. Still not sure what is causing it, but it only happens when landing.
  6. TCMB371

    tools or tips for gear removal

    @schwankl I used the factory Alta gear pullers. I believe @Matt lent them to me, maybe he still has them?
  7. TCMB371

    Only $50K, tempted...

    What a joke. Stark flew that guy out to Barcelona, too.
  8. TCMB371

    Hard Enduro test

    This suspension softens up quite a bit after it has broken in. I wouldn't recommend dropping two rates. He probably hasn't broken in the suspension yet
  9. TCMB371

    Stark Varg on the Dyno

    I think youre right actually.... hmmmmm
  10. TCMB371

    Stark Varg on the Dyno

    The video you've all been waiting for.
  11. TCMB371

    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!

    Did a podcast yesterday with Steve Matthes! Take a listen. Guest: Bryan Haskell
  12. TCMB371

    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!

    man ill tell you what. it sure is a lot of work shooting media during my ride days and takes away a bit from the enjoyment of just riding. but in a sense it makes my content more real i guess. I'm just making videos about what i'm doing on a particular ride day and giving honest feedback.
  13. TCMB371

    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!

    Day 3 on my Stark Varg, and first ride at Perris Raceway with the bike. This one features pro riders including RJ Hampshire, Austin Forkner, Seth Hammaker, and Ivan Tedesco, as well as other discussion and commentary. Enjoy!
  14. TCMB371

    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!
  15. TCMB371

    New bike day!!! First customer delivery worldwide!

    Second ride on my Stark Varg! This time i did a long moto to test battery range. In this video youll see how the Varg behaves over the entire battery range, including into power loss. I also talk about battery, motor, and inverter thermals. Enjoy!
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