For Sale or Trade 1988 Matsuura MC510V CNC mill with tons of tooling

Ross Shafer

Petaluma, CA
WTF....advertising machine tools here.....can't hurt I figure. No doubt there's quite a few Alta owners that know their way around CNC machines. Those that don't already have one in their shops need one!

This is a turn key machine, move it in, give it some juice and start makin' chips! Comes with around 75 tool holders (all types), spare control and driver boards, Nikken spindle speeder, Tsudakoma 4th axis, 2 matched height kurt vises.

Possibility of lower moving/rigging cost if moved out when the new beast moves in. Machine can be viewed running here in Petaluma, California asking $11.5k. I'd consider a trade for an Alta.


Chief Comedic Instigator
San Ramon, CA
Drool! Sounds like a sweet machine. But hard to justify a tool that costs as much as my Alta to make a tiny piece for my Alta. :cry:

How much does that sexy beast weigh?
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