For Sale 2022 Sur Ron storm bee for sale in US


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022 Sur Ron Storm Bee - unique opportunity! $12,500. This bike is not yet available in the US except for two we imported via New Zealand.

30 hp and incredible 380 pound-feet of torque allow 0-50 mph in only 3.5 seconds. Estimated range is 80 miles. Curb weight is 291 lbs with a 35" seat height.

Condition is brand new - Enduro version outfitted with headlight, mirrors, brake light, and turn signals. Check your state's requirements for street use.

90V 48 Ah battery pack uses state of the art Sony VTC-6 lithium ion cells. Charges in four hours using 120v. These bikes have more power, and longer range than a Zero FX7.2 They can also reverse!

Marietta, GA.



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