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OK, thought i would share my latest purchase, with all the Stark threads and some negativity seeming to be creeping into this site, thought it would be nice to see some good "old fashioned" Alta stuff.

So as a few will know i have a 2019 MXR (That's going to be for sale soon, more on that to come) and have enjoyed every single hour on it (only 11.4!).

But when the opportunity to buy a MX came up, I did just that. I wanted to be able to feel the differences in both bikes. See what's what and to wonder did i miss anything by not buying a 2017 MX when i had the chance from Alfie over here in the U.K. back in 2018...after he finished well on it in the indoor Arenacross series.

The MX (In its MXR plastics and graphics, & a few little MXR upgrades here and there) has only 44hrs on it and was owned by a guy who had his own track on his land, very easy life indeed and the man was a pleasure to meet and deal with too. Apart from never being washed/cleaned under it all was a very nice bike, some things needed looking at like the bolts had fallen out that hold the water pump up, rear brake pedal bolt was a little messed up from working loose and not being re-tightened, fork clamps were a little notchy on turning the bars, and some of the little brass inserts had pulled out of the rear sub/mudguard (fender).

So, all in all not too bad at all. Got her ready after doing the above bits and a gear oil change and coolant check, final check then went to test...

Wow, that's all i can say. This bike is quick!, and that's coming from a 19' MXR owner... honestly i am not sure why it is?, same firmware as my MXR, but it sure man, that's quick - quick!.
I loved that i don't have to mess about with that bloody awful Air pump and have that harshness of the AER set up that the MXR has... handled so well for that "crappy old dated 4CS" set up that they had on the MX's too, trust me i am not at all into suspension or really understand it all but i really enjoyed riding that "old" Alta with crap suspension.

If i sorted the suspension out on the MXR it would be a better bike for me? - not sure after riding the MX.

Now, on a side note I am looking into full suspension swap out as said, the AER on the MXR is a pain and have been researching on here reading others frustrations and solutions and elsewhere too for the best set up i can buy or work towards, I am looking to buy a complete kit not just mess about with internals, I simply don't have that time available like others on here - just remove and replace with some fine tuning at the track.

Mainly because I need a suspension that's working with me in the best possible way, my "metal wrist" with plates and screws is Arthritis filled now and even doing the dishes is painful, let alone riding moto's!. Also its looking like yet another Hip operation soon (got injections in my wrists and one coming up in my Hip on the 24th but that's a knock out job and day surgery).
So to be able to keep riding I need the best suspension i can get along with some Fasst Flexx bars to help me be able to carry on (seen Philip's FF's with the cut out in the bar pad - cool!). They don't come up over here for sale second hand and new is crazy money, so might need to ask for some help there for a good second hand set in the right bend/sweep for me.

Options i have are : A-Kit set up from KYB for the KTM - Ohlins the same. Cone Valves i don't think i would go for unless i could try a set up bike first, as have had Ohlins in the past and also rode a KYB kitted bike and loved it (yes - both were set up for my weight and riding ability too, maybe not the sag tho). But i am going to make a separate thread about it all as this is really just for the bike.

Back to the MX....

On the day the bike rode so well, as i said that "old" bike was so much fun to ride, battery "seemed" to last the same as the MXR too, I only had one full charge as i forgot that Generators needed a thing called "petrol" to continue working - weird. Then ended the session with a flat rear (OEM fitted tube still - but split right on the join). But for the time i had on that bike i have to admit i felt more at home on it than my MXR....has anyone else ever had this?, not anyone i can remember saying on here that's for sure, not just for the crap suspension either, just felt different but in a good way. Hit all the same corners and jumps that i always do on my MXR ( a few new jumps too) rode the same way, same conditions etc.

So, the MX has impressed me so much just in the one single ride, that after a lot of time thinking walking round my yard, looking at my MXR, talking to both my Dog and Cat about it all, I have made the decision to let my MXR go to a new home. I bet that's a first on here!.

Plans for the MX.

KTM Xtrig's with PHDS mounts.
Fasst Flexx bars.
KTM Wheels.
Suspension package.
SXS skid plate.
LHRB set up.
Charge, ride and repeat.

I will update this thread as i go along, hope to get some more video's soon and to actually start putting some out there, have a lot from last year on the MXR and building my track that i still have not done anything with...but a kind offer from Jason might just get that ball rolling - Get well soon brother!!.

A few pics, as its a pic thread not a waffle on thread. This is an ongoing review by myself about my own bikes - other opinions may vary and most important lets please try and keep this place a positive area to be and enjoy together!. We are all here for the same reason in one way or another and life is short - we are here for a good time, not a long time.




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After spending some time cleaning up my track last week after not going down there for four months, i had a blast out on the Alta, and a friend of mine bought his new Talaria Sting over for some fun.

First time i have ridden with the KTM front end, and the few other bits i did early in the year.

Had a great time, i did forget just how much fun these bikes are!, they handle so well and fast as you want!, but total silent fun. I have no problems at all with the 2017 MX or the suspension either, battery lasted very well!, honestly i must say i feel more at home on this one than i did on my 2019 MXR. And yes, i did the first session with the Renthal grip covers still on!.

Have a Pro-Carbon front disk cover to go on and also the Orange lower fork guards too but they both won't fit the old style forks (big hole). And somewhere i still have the pegs from @Jayfox911 i bought a time ago. If anyone can help with my last reply to my other thread about suspension i would be grateful.

The Talaria really amazed me for the size of the bike its awesome!, mate loved it too and he was flying on it, handled well and no issues all day. Battery use was pretty good too as the track was deep loam and he was on it as he is a good rider. Just one broken rear light Lense!.



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A little late night riding the other evening, never rode MX in the dark before, was interesting feeling hitting the jumps in the dark!...



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Some hard frost fun!, just wanted to get the battery down to 50% for the winter storage time.


Strip down and full clean up / battery out.


Winter battery protection!...


Have a good Xmas Alta people! - All the best to you all.

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