For Sale New 2018 Alta Redshift MXR


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Hi, I’m selling my like new MXR. I bought this bike planning to keep it as a collector’s item, but I get more stress than enjoyment from it. I feel like a perfectly good bike is going to waste. If not for the nature of batteries, I’d keep it, but the battery is eventually gonna go bad and I feel like that would be a huge waste considering a lot of people could use that battery. Ideally the battery would be swapped with a faux battery, the working battery used in another bike, and this bike put on display. Not sure if that’ll ever happen but I think that would be a best case scenario. It has 8.1 miles and 1.4 hours of parking lot time on it. Has never seen dirt and is in perfect condition. If interested, I’m looking to get $13,000 for it. This is what I paid for it last year. I have 3 other Altas that I use regularly and can say they are amazing bikes. If it doesn’t sell for a reasonable amount, I’m gonna have to put it to use. I hope for it to end up in a museum, but whoever buys it is going to do as they please of course. Thanks for looking.








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