Replacement wheel bearing kits


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Here is some reference information for wheel bearing replacement. There was a previous discussion on the front bearings HERE.

Several members have had what I would consider premature wheel bearing failures now, the causes are debatable, but this information should help for sourcing the replacement parts.

Here are the numbers for the All Balls kits courtesy of @OneLapper . The Alta uses the same rear bearings as KTM's with the smaller 20mm axle OD.
All Balls Rear Wheel Bearing Kit
All Balls Front Wheel Bearing Kit

These following bearing kits features Italian SKF bearings and seals. It also includes new hard anodized spacers which should perform significantly better than the OEM Alta/Warp 9 wheel spacers, unfortunately only the rear spacers are the same as KTM and can be used. The front spacers would not work for a stock Alta.
Inntech Rear Wheel Bearing and Seal Kits featuring SKF components
Inntech Front Wheel Bearing and Seal Kits featuring SKF components

The SKF seals in the Inntech kit have a floating outer seal that should drastically reduce grooving in the wheel spacers.

If you would like to source the SKF bearings and seals separately, here are the numbers;
SKF Rear Wheel Bearing for Altas
SKF Front Wheel Bearing for Altas

The rear wheel seals have an SKF # of WS108 and the front WS109, but I can't seem to find any web links for products, so more digging would be required to source those separately.

Hope this helps you all in the future.


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Just chiming in. The stock rear wheel bearings on my MXR were toast after 55 hours of hard moto. It caused a little side to side play in the rear wheel making it feel like the rear tire was flat and kind of folding over in turns. The fronts looked ok.

I installed All Balls wheel bearings front and rear. They seemed to be good quality, and it tightened up the feel of the wheels immediately.

One thing to note: For whatever reason, Warp9 decided to leave out the wheel bearing circlip in the rear hub. I recommend you guys buy one and install it so that the brake side bearing doesn't walk outward over time.

#5 in this schematic:

Part# 0472047175 on . You can probably source a similar one at a local hardware store.


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To add to TCMB's post, in order to have correct wheel/hub centering, you should first install the brake side bearing all the way until it is seated against the hub shoulder (then preferably add/install that circlip) . Then the spacer and sprocket side bearing. The sprocket side bearing will only seat against the inner spacer and will be approximately 3/32" away from seating against the hub shoulder. The best way to install the bearings are by heating the hub with a heat gun or carefully with a small propane torch. If you heat up the hub enough the bearings will drop right in and you eliminate the possibility of damaging the hub or bearing by pressing them in cold. The circlip is a very good idea IMO and I have no clue why someone thought it was a good idea to not include it.


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does anyone know what bearings and seals for the linkage are on the mxr? I searched but couldnt find any metion of them.
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