Where can I buy Alta?


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I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question but I started looking for electric dirt bike and found Alta. All the internet talks about Alta and to be honest, they look good. After some digging I found out that Alta went out of business. So here’s my question, is it still possible to buy new Alta Motors Redshift MX somewhere? Are there any spare parts for this bike? Or I’m too late and have to find another electric dirt bike?


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Watch the classifieds forum.....folks usually post the ones that (rarely) come up for sale there. Others have shipped them to Europe...so that is doable, but some sellers prefer local/domestic buyers.


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Ann Arbor, MI
Yeah, that is just how bad I want to sell it. I think Honcho needs it. I’ll post it up for max visibility after I make sure those truely deserving don’t want it.
You don't really want to sell it. You just hate seeing it sitting idle.


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Hi Butch, I know it’s a old thread. Just wondering if you have the on-board charger for SM for sale?
I think you said you’ve removed yours. Mine went bad. Desperately need one.

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