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I’m 46yrs Old, a father of 3 and I was introduced to a mini bike with a lawnmower engine in the 3rd grade (with no suspension I must add). 4th grade I got my first real dirt bike.. The XR80! 6th grade I moved up to a modified KX80 and by the 8th grade I was riding a 2stroke KX 250 (before I could really touch the ground) I rode and raced 2 stroke 250’s into my late 20’s until I Crashed hard and took a sabatical.
I now have a 5 yr old who started riding an Oset 12.5 Racing at 2.5 yrs old and just recently moved up to the MX10. I currently own a tricked out ‘08 KLX450R that I thought I would be able to ride with him but it’s just too much bike for that application... came across the ALTA MXR and I’m drinking the cool aide!
I currently have a deposit on a 2019 MXR and should take delivery in a few weeks so I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself and figure out the forum as I have never posted to a forum before.
January 16
Heath, Tx.
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