Alta Redshift MXR and MX on a Dyno - Riding Maps Demystified


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Will installing the MX or MXR firmware make any diff?

The mapping between the MX/MXR - EX/EXR did not really change. Which lives in the inverter firmware. You might have better SOC resolution going to the later releases of the BCU firmware.
I'm doing some tinkering on my mx and i was thinking I was being limited in power as the battery display was blinking. I hooked up multitool and see that the pack is 8% but the max power is still 35000W.

So to ensure the cells do not drop off a cliff in voltage and can never be re-charged. There is a "reserve" tank which keeps the cells stable at that low SOC. The voltage discharge curve for the Panasonics is much sharper compared to the Muratas that live in the MXRs (sorta a cool thing about the VTC6 cells that live in the MXR/EXRs)

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