Battery Vcell timeout - HELP!

Rudy G

New member
Guilford, CT
I live in Connecticut and desperately need physical help with my Alta MX. If you are willing to help, please read further. I know absolutely nothing about working on electrics and am embarrassed to admit to being totally helpless. Any advice would also be greatly appreciated.
My 2017 MX has a “Battery Vcell Timeout” message and no longer charges. It has only 354 miles on it and started acting up by not charging to 100%. It only charged to 40% after sitting last winter and has steadily decreased until not charging at all and showing the Vcell message. The battery still hums when I turn the key, and when I try to charge it the battery sometimes shows around ¾ full with the charger plugged in. Otherwise it displays totally empty and nothing happens when I turn the throttle. Can anything be done and can somebody please help me if there’s anything to be done? Thanks for reading this. - Rudy

Here’s a 4 minute video my daughter and I made of me riding in my back woods.The riding is not impressive but my daughter did a nice job editing.

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