Code 125: Sensor Fault/Failure when Charging Alta Redshift SM


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I am an EV specialist in New Zealand and I have had a couple of the Alta bikes roll through for repair. One bike is a SM model which had the american pronged plug on the charge port. So I found a 3000W step down transformer to go from 230 to 115V and then ran it through the appropriate American Plug. Customer had good luck with the bike until they went to charge a few months later and as soon as you hear the contactor for the battery charging engage it disconnects after about a second and shows Fault 125 on the screen. I plugged the Alta multitool in and there are no faults that I can see. In the troubleshooting it states the 125 error has to do with a sensor failure but that is kind of broad for an electric motorcyle.

Like I said i didn't see this discussed elsewhere and looking for some assistance as I have a bike sitting completely flat and I am worried that I won't even be able to turn it on soon.

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