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Just curious about what the expected battery life is on the Alta's. Not meaning ride time, but the number of years these batteries are designed to last? After two years of owning the bike I've finally got it setup absolutely perfect for me, better than any bike I've ever owned. This bike is so good I don't want to picture being without it so to some of the guys on here way more knowledgeable than I, what are some real world expectations we can expect the cells to last? 5 years? 10 years? What happens when the cells finally had enough? Are there guys on here that can rebuild the packs?


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It’s sort of a loaded question with a lot of speculation involved. Alta was claiming 1k charge cycles and still retain 80% of its capacity, so that depends how long you get out of a single charge. And that doesn’t mean the battery will be shot after that, it just won’t have the capacity it once did. As far as battery rebuilding goes… I want to believe that by the time we get to the point that there are enough bikes that need packs, someone will have came up with a solution.

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