DIY LHRB that retains the foot brake


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For some reason I picked up another basketcase bike, A husky TE with two broken motors. I sort of had buyers remorse until I realized it had a LHRB installed! It has an AJP master cylinder and the husky brembo brakes are identical to the ALta so everything was a straight swap over.

Now I need to make the foot brake functional again. I understand that I need to get the sleeve insert for the foot brake master cylinder reservoir. This thing provides the fitting for the second hose and then protects the sight glass from pressure? Without this sleeve you need to weld or cap the sight glass?

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So far I've dome three conversions, each a bit differently.
1) Master with Rekluse insert
2) Welded OEM
3) Welded China import

They all work fine but #3 is by far the cheapest, about $25 (if you do the welding).

The only/best solution at the bars is the Brembo clutch MC. If you're lucky you can find on ebay for less than $50, otherwise it's typically over $150. Amazon has tons of options for hoses, you'll generally want a -3AN on one end and banjo on the other (or two ANs and an AN to banjo adapter) and about 48 inch length depending on how you like to route it. Cost, about $30.

Total, between $120 to $200.

The biggest difference is using the twin piston Brembo caliper. You can find these all day long for around $100 (including bracket, which you'll need). I made a cutting/welding jig to combine the stock caliper bracket with the larger Brembo caliper bracket and it only takes me an hour of so of fab time. The 240mm rear rotor is also a good improvement. Braking makes a kit for the KTM which includes a new bracket but it's over $150. I found that a Yamaha rear rotor is very close bolt circle wise, maybe 1/2 hole off. By "smowmaning" the holes and welding some stainless washers to the rotor it works great and can be found used for dirt!

Total with Twin Piston Caliper and oversized Yamaha rotor = $220 to $300.

Now you have a system that'll lock up the rear wheel with two fingers! I'm so spoiled that I added the same system to my ICE bike, right under the clutch.View attachment 2333View attachment 2334View attachment 2335View attachment 2336

View attachment 2332
Do you have more pictures of how you attached that second master cylinder to the handlebar? How did you have room? I have a Rekluse on my 350xc-f, and I'd LOVE to have a KTM/Brembo LHRB. Currently I'm using the OxBrake Hydra 2.0 on that bike, and it's ok, but not nearly as strong as the KTM master cylinder. I just don't see any way to fit it up there on the bar...

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