Is this a good generator? A-iPower GXS7100iRD 7100W Dual Fuel Inverter


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I think 68 dB is not very quiet, although we do not know at what load that was measured. Also, 138 lbs is not the lightest, and the size does not appear to be compact. I would keep looking.


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Philip does have a good point about the noise, but I would say it ticks all the boxes. Very few of the enclosed inverter generators (vs the open frame ones - which are louder) have a 240v outlet and enough wattage to charge the bike. This one looks like it should easily be able to charge the bike, even on propane. And 130 lbs isn’t too bad, especially if you can roll it down a ramp.

The specs look almost identical to another popular inverter generator that is popular on the Forum, the Briggs&Stratton Q6500, which is 139 lbs and rated at 66db.

The A-iPower also has the nice dual fuel option. Propane runs cleaner, and the weight is separate from the generator if you have to lug it around. (3 gallons of gas in the generator adds like 20 lbs to the weight.) Also don’t have to worry about gumming up your carb on propane. The downside of propane is less power than gas, and you have to lug around the propane tank. (But you’d probably bring an extra gas tank as well, so I might call that a draw.)


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Here is a sound test and load test of this generator. Costco had this generator last year, and sold them all. now they have them back. That is a good price.
Sound is actually good on this, pretty comparable to all quiet type generators. It only reaches 71db at close to full load. the Stark Charger should only load this at a little over half load.


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5,700watts continuous on gas (5,100watts continuous on propane) is plenty for the 3,300watt Varg charger. Biggest complaint seems to be the thing arriving smashed and bent or buyers receiving what appear to be "returned units" that have fluids in them that spill during shipping. Too bad it's available online only (drop shipped from the manufacturer/distributor I assume). You can't pick it up at Costco and inspect before leaving to avoid lugging a damaged unit back to the store to return it. And customer service from the manufacturer seems to be non-existent. So it being a "good deal" or not will depend on your tolerance for those hassles should you be one of the unlucky that receive a damaged unit or it quits after a short period of time. That being said, the sale price is $3,000 cheaper than some similar-output name brand 240v generators. So only you can make the call. Worth a try, is my opinion, if you have a nearby Costco where you can return it if it is damaged or fails.

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I have one very similar from Amazon.

I can report.

- it charges a KTM and an Alta simultaneously on propane.
- it’s moderately quiet under load.
- It arrived with partially broken plastic (packaging issue)
- didn’t look used, no fluids.
- it’s light enough to lift into the back of the suv alone after riding all day.
- I’ve never put gas in it so I can carry it in a vehicle or bring it inside without dying.

Long term we will see, there is some weirdness with the outlets and the oil was extremely dirty when I changed it after run in… but it did tick all my boxes.

Edit: I paid just over 1k at the time and I think it may be the same unit
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