Livewire is going public. Alta DNA now with 21700 batteries


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Well, latest report on is Livewire went public and there are some slides encompassing the new powertrain design. 21700s instead of 18650s. Nice.



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Kind of wish Alta could've stuck around long enough for the 21700s and 80hp motor (not that you really need that much output in dirt anyway). It would've been neat to see the range and weight difference they might've come up with. Guess we'll see who comes up with the next EV ideas.


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Looks like Harley is using the battery pack for the bulkhead. Where did I see that before?
I think this idea might have actually come from Tesla or some EV car designers. The EV "skateboard" concepts and designs with structural battery packs have been floating around for years.

The Model Y is now a single structural battery pack with the front and the rear single-piece cast bulkheads attached to it. Three large main pieces -- that's it. The rest of the car is just various small pieces bolted to that.
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