Moto Cinch is our official Forum's Sponsor! Use discount code ALTA10


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Use code ALTA10 for 10% off all products in our store at

Greetings and salutations, Alta Owners!

I am proud to announce Moto Cinch as our official Forum's Sponsor!

Kean Register @Moto Cinch is the owner of Moto Cinch. He saw a great review of his Moto Cinch MX product by our own @C5tor, and he thought he wanted to give Alta Owners a discount code to use when purchasing his tie-downs.

Kean now has his own Moto Cinch sub-forum at EDR. Please feel free to ask Kean questions in that forum, or you could also contact him via his website:

We greatly appreciate the support of Moto Cinch. It will help us keep this valuable forum online and clicking fast.

Please welcome our new sponsor Kean @Moto Cinch to our forum.

Thank you!
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