Service 9 volt starter battery?

Brad 594

Houston, TX
For the past few months, my 2018 MXR has been intermitted black screen dead (no sound or noise from bike) when key is turned to On position. I suspected the 9 Volt to be the culprit. I successfully replaced the 9 volt battery last night and it has appeared to solve the key On problem. I have read many posts that the original 9 volt battery was the Energizer Advanced Lithium. When I opened by ACM last night, my battery was an Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Fortunately, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium is easy to find at many stores. Also, I was able to maneuver the ACM and get the access cover removed (it definitely tried my patience) to replace the 9 volt without pulling the main battery and disconnecting all the other stuff.

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