Sur Ron Ultra Bee


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Interesting video on the new Sur Ron Ultra Bee. I'd buy one today if it was available in the US (while I wait for my Stark Varg to be delivered late next year, and meanwhile still loving my Alta MXR).



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the big four need to wake up or there may be a new big four. all it would take is for brp to realize that they already own everything to rerelease the best electric dirt bike...the alta, and a few of the e trials companies to go dual sport.there are also a lot of e/pedal bikes close enough to make the jump. I am interested to see what Japan offers up. years ago they signed(?) battery agreements and how cool would it be if battery changes were as quick and easy as on a Sur Ron! gas stations could have exchange stations like for barbecue grill propane tanks. electric bikes could actually change batteries quicker than ice bikes could refuel. the future could be bright if a little common sense were applied. unfortunately there's not a lot of that going around these days. maybe it could be as easy as taking Elon musk out dirt riding, if he liked it things would move forward quicker.


As an owner of a highly modified Light Bee, an electric converted CRF250R and a 300EC TPI GASGAS, I'm looking forward to to Ultra Bee. The electric CRF250R is my favorite bike, but at 235 lbs it is heavier than I would like. The Light Bee has too short of a wheel base to put the power down, unstable high speed and scary on steep down hills. The Ultra Bee should be a good compromise on weight and size, and of course I will mod it. Should be fun.

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