Sur Ron Ultra Bee


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suspension on LT Bee is pretty bad -
bike goes fast enough to Need real suspension or it gets dangerous -

Bad suspension is the only thing holding Ebikes back -
once KYB or similar OR a new Startup makes Good suspension
that fits on ebikes its whole new ball game -


The LB is very similar to trials bike suspension and handling wise in stock form(after properly servicing them and adding oil, at least on the RST I had), the brakes are the biggest drawback out the box imho. I only recently came up with the brake solution of running the formula brakes from cake kalk/ktm 65s both front and rear and there have been plenty of solutions for the LB on forks and shocks(kx100/85 and yz85 forks bolt right up with a little grinding, gritshift has ktm 85 conversion and I make conversion for 65s that also works for 85s). I have less than $1.5k into my suspension and brakes so its not that bad to get a good setup now.

But back to the main topic, the UB has everything done the way it should be other than arguably the wheels but even then several seem to be happy with the 19/19 combo for average trail riding which is nice for range. Forks and shocks are at least going to be competitive with gas bikes in same category(crf250f, klx300r, ttr230, etc) and they fixed the brake issue on the LB with actual moto brakes. Basically its just a better version of what I built out of my LB when I was targeting completing the TKO which I did and now selling to move to UB.


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Get those Ultra 🐝 s registered. Road legal it’s easy at Dirt Legal. So much fun to ride legally to the trails and back without the need to load it on a trailer or in your pick up😊



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Anyone think of trying the 19-16 warp 9 setup in this bike? I know everyone really likes the rollover of the 2118 but the bike is smaller and seems like it would still be proportional with a 1916 set up and might be a fun play bike made up that way.

Has anybody tried this yet?
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