Use GoPro to Adjust Suspension


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to help in adjusting suspension I use a GoPro type camera to See what suspension/ tire are doing during ride -
best location for cam is in center of bike and as Low down as you can mount it to get best view of tire contact -
if you have 2 cams its best to record both front/rear tire at same time
use a fast frame rate of 60fps if you can - 1080p is best but 720p is good enough

the best time to do this is in the morning or afternoon for setting up bikes like supermoto or street where tire contact over small bumps is important -
sun light is easier to See between tire and pavement early /late in the day -
any time of day you will get useful data

its surprising what can be Seen and takes a a Lot of the guess work out of adjusting suspension -
audio from cams is helpful to - tire skidding /folding etc

Gear I use -

GoPro type camera inside a Hard Shell case is Very Important - Underwater case works ok-
Older gopro Hard shell cases are Very strong - replacement lenses can be purchased for cases
I have a GP 2 that is 10+ years of smashed by rocks / run over - cam still works -
have replaced 2 or 3 cases

Paint hard shell case a bright color to make Easier to find if cam gets knocked off bike

to mount cam to bike I use -
Ram brand - 1 inch - Ball Mount Clamp Arm - mount to bike - arm is about 3 or 4 inches long
modded Ram mount by cutting Slot so that Ball can be angled at 90 degrees ( cam end )
other end of arm is clamped to frame / skid plate area -
Ram brand 1 inch ball mounts are Very Good -

Firm solid mount is Very Important or video will be shakey -
I usually put some #64 rubber bands Tight around mount to frame if possible

on fork leg put colored zip ties at 2 inches apart in Cam View - so can see fork travel used -

Video below is a RST Killah fork on a surron -
fork stock is very bad and has Way to Much compression dampening -
to make better I had to Completely disabled compression dampening circuit
doing this Also reduces rebound dampening so I had to replace oil with much Thicker oil

video is after I did mods to fork - earlier videos showed tire bouncing Up off tiny rocks and bumps-
tire was deforming before fork would even start to move
video link below is to give you idea on where to mount and what can be seen




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this is rear tire of Yamaha WR450F Supermoto street plated -
fork springs were .32 KGM
rear spring was as light as I could get - dont remember #s for sure -
Lowered suspension 2 inches front and rear so I could touch ground easier at stop lights -

after using Gopro to dial in suspension was getting Beach Sand wave pattern on tires
increased tire life 2X - much faster and Way more fun and comfortable to ride -

zoom in on picture that is what tires should look like both front and rear - Beach sand pattern

DSCN2169 copy.JPG
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