2022 edition of 24 hours of Starvation Ridge October 29 & 30


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Thanks for posting the video. I had to break it into two sessions. A lot of bouncing and shaking with the camera mounted on the bike.

All of my experience in long races has been in tight woods on very horribly rutted, narrow single track; with either mud or dust added for good measure. That open range riding looks like a lot of fun; although I’m sure it has its own challenges. It sure seems like it would be easy to get lost after it got dark. Everything looks the same in the tall grass. Did the blue barrels have any reflective tape on them to help at night? It would also be easy to to get caught out by an unexpected ditch or berm at night. Hopefully each of you had a chance to run at least a lap in the daylight before attempting the course in the dark. That's the way we always planned the riding even when bikes and riders that could run two or more laps.

And what was the reason for the course splitting and then merging back together? Was that the pits or did they have bypass options? Or did I just misinterpret what was going on? (for example, riders coming in from the left around the 57:40 minute mark in the video)

Thanks again for the video. Wish the race wasn't 2,700 miles away.


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I didn't expect anyone to actually watch that the whole way through, but glad you enjoyed it, I am going to have to work on the mount to smooth things out.
Everyone got a full daylight lap to help learn the track.
The blue barrels are always on the inside apex of a corner, as best a dirt track can have corner apexes, there are wooden stakes marking the edges of the course that have reflective tape which makes it easier to stay on track in the dark. Out in the stubble fields it was pretty cool to see the markers going off into the distance.
As for the course splits, that was just for amusement and speculation that one route was shorter or faster than the other except for the ones right next to the pits, they were for mud holes with a goaround.

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