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JP racing

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New York, NY
Nice setup! I charge off of my 2022 F150 Platinum Powerboost Hybrid. It has a 7200 watt on-board inverter so I can actually fast charge and slow charge.
2 Altas at the same time!
I was thinking the same, charge 2 bikes and maybe pull a small trailer too sometimes.

I looked at a similar F150 with Pro Power 7.2k last weekend but it seemed kind of underpowered, maybe because it had been sitting in the showroom and the battery was depleted.

Long term how do you like your truck and does it have enough power?


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New Zealand
Electric Classic Cars in Wales are converting a Land Rover Defender 130 pickup to an electric drivetrain and to carry four electric motorbikes and four people.

Who is this for? They haven't said who the customer is.... but it'd be a great promo vehicle for a European electric motorbike company. They list the weight of the bikes as 100 kg each. I'm thinking that they are a little light with their weights, coz the company is Stark and the bikes will be Vargs.

But that's a guess from me. Anyone else have any intel on this build?

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