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Greetings and salutations, Electric Dirt Riders!

I am proud to announce OX Brake as our official Forum's Sponsor!

Jason @TheLHRBguy is the owner of OX Brake. He is a self-described "recovering lawyer", a dirt bike nut, and a huge fan of the LHRB technology. He is excited about the application of LHRB brakes for electric dirt bikes. He couldn't resist the temptation of the Stark Varg and so he already has one on order. Jason is one of us! :ROFLMAO:

Jason has been working on improving the OX Brake product line and releasing new and improved products. He is convinced that his LHRB is the strongest one on the market, and it also solves many of the shortcomings of other LHRB systems. We have several happy OX Brake customers here on the forum (for both OX Brake mechanical and hydraulic systems), and I am sure we will be adding more. Jason @TheLHRBguy will be here to support us with technical advice, installation instructions, and product discounts!

OX Brake now has the Ox Brake sub-forum at Electric Dirt Riders. Please feel free to ask Jason questions in that sub-forum, or you could also contact him via his website:

Especially after the three-year drought with no news about new full-size electric dirt bikes, we greatly appreciate the support of OX Brake. OX Brake will help us keep this valuable forum online and clicking fast.

Please welcome our new sponsor Jason @TheLHRBguy to our forum.

Thank you!

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