Snowbike build...?


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Czech Republic
I am trying to do this right now :).

I was looking at the Explorer and track n' go and of course Timbersled. Then I find out there are like 30 different snowbike solutions 😜

That one looks like a great solution for the New England snow. Did you use the same fit kit as the 350?

Is that the Explorer, did you get the ski with the wheels? Any long term feedback on the system?
There are many snow bike conversion kits. I can't compare as I'm using just the Explorer which I bought 6 years ago. It was together with the wheels which are very helpful pushing the bike into the garage. You can use the KTM 350 kit. You just have to make 2 new spacer rings as those don't fit. My experience with the snow kit is not more than 20 hours as there was not too much snow in Czech recently :confused: It's reaaly great fun :ricky:

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