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@DonCox That XE4 has a nice system, he did a great job. Our battery is 34kg though, so we prioritised getting it out from the side. We also focused on getting most of the cells as low as possible.
The COG height plays a key role in the weight you feel when riding + reduces weight transfer on braking and acceleration.

@testus191 I announced the upcoming prototype, we're busy finishing it! More pictures of the process are coming soon and ofc the bike itself too.
Alongside, more specs will be published, like weight. Not a statement, but the photo of the bike on a scale. Range will be based on actual riding data (including the public test rides), not from marketing cutting the head of a chicken and seing where it drops. The idea is to be the exact opposite of smoke and mirrors, that is so prevalent in the EV world.

To reiterate:
1. now: Primo renders and preliminary specs
2. soon: Primo (our first prototype and development platform) riding
3. Primo testing with public - your impressions, trying different features to get your feedback (as mentioned; together we build the future)
4. development of the production motorcycle - the successor of the Primo

We're 4 guys working the nights on our own dime, not 20+ full-time employees with 5mil in the bank. This is not a production motorcycle. We're inviting you to join us in the journey towards that goal.


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@Marko_Flux just seems like a lot of your statements kind of indicate there is a prototype already in existence, but I was obviously reading into that incorrectly. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out, hopefully well! I still think battery tech is still a generation or two from being where it needs to be to make electric viable. We need twice the specific energy and twice the energy density.


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Ilike what I see, great work. Also it would be interesting to have a lesser "displacement", not everyone needs 85HP. I would love a 30 HP trailbike with good suspension and long range .


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@ssmyers102 that is just peak power, you can choose to have 30 max. For range, we'll see if there is a modular approach possible to the battery pack for production, to enable multiple choices for range/weight.

@Philip thanks, the media reaction has been....explosive. From what we gathered 29 media globally, including the likes of MXA and RacerX. Our inboxes are bursting. Even had our first spam attack today, maybe we're stepping on someone's toes :LOL:.

Looks like the world is finally ready for electric dirtbikes. Stark did an amazing job at pushing the conversation in the global spotlight. Now let's see who can deliver!

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